More and more people are concerned about their weight – and rightfully so.

Being overweight and obesity are about to replace smoking as the #1 killer of Americans. Extra pounds and inches restrict activity, damage health and shorten life; it harms self-esteem and social life.

The United States Center for Disease Control found that being overweight is a significant contributing factor for: Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Asthma, Arthritis, Poor health and yes – Cancer.

Some years ago, nutritionists devised a theory for weight management. The theory is: the energy value of food can be measured and called calories; caloric burn is the measure of the energy required to support the body; therefore, eating fewer and/or burning more calories than required to support the body will create weight loss.

Dieting or the “eat less – exercise more” school of weight management was born – and indeed, people lose weight. The problem is: when people stop dieting, they regain the lost weight – and, in some cases, gain even more!

The theory has a two-fold problem.

First, on the average, Basal Metabolic Rate (resting metabolism) is responsible for 80% to 85% of the overall caloric burn while exercise uses 15% to 20%. Dramatic increases in exercise create modest increases in caloric burn.

Second, when faced with insufficient calories to support its needs, the body simply “turns down” basal metabolism to conserve energy. When you eat less food your body simply adapts to fewer calories. Rebound weight gain occurs, after the diet is discontinued, because the caloric intake increases more quickly than lower basal metabolism that was set for consumption of fewer calories.

A solid weight management program requires moderate exercise, better nutrition and a catalyst to promote basal metabolism. In many cases, that catalyst is a dietary supplement.

Here are examples of nutraceutical supplements that support weight loss.

The daytime supplement promotes, in addition to weight loss, helps regulate appetite, metabolism and energy; the night time supplement helps tone and firm the body, promotes stress management and restful sleep. Together, they offer a powerful tool to help you feel good and look great – around the clock.

Choosing to lose weight is one thing – making the changes that will keep it off is the smartest, healthiest decision you will ever make.