Who dreams about living with sickness?

Sounds like a dumb question, doesn’t it?

Most people believe they are healthy if they haven’t been diagnosed with a condition by a doctor.

  1. When they feel “off” they ignore it … and soldier on … or they pick up something at the pharmacy.
  2. When the feeling persists, or it gets worse, they schedule an appointment with a physician.
  3. Once they receive that all-important diagnosis, they believe a pill, treatment or technological intervention will intercede on their behalf to restore their health.
  4. And, if they’re lucky enough to have an infection or injury, their condition goes away and so does  the prescription.  It reinforces their beliefs … there is a magic bullet.
  5. So, next time they follow this same scenario.

If it doesn’t work,
… they climb on the merry-go-round of living with sickness.

The 1st sign, that they’re not bullet-proof, is when their condition doesn’t go away and it requires management with medication.  It is that precise moment,

  1. When people start taking a medicine to help them deal with their abnormal state – the symptom of sickness
  2. When they need to be aware their life might be changing – that they will be living with sickness for a long time.
  3. When the physician who prescribes the medicine, if asked, will readily admit that person will be taking the medicine for the rest of their life – because the condition won’t go away by itself.


… living with sickness
and the side effects of the medicine.

That warning sign of declining health, is really a stop sign.

It is when the next situation arises that requires more medical management, because, now, their life is being defined by their “managed sickness” and the medicines that are prescribed to manage their condition(s) of declining health.

Now, they’ve bought the e-ticket for the ride on the sickness merry-go-round.

  1. another trip around
  2. … trying to grasp the elusive brass ring that will make them healthy
  3. … hoping for another chance to feel good, the next time around

How to Change the Declining Health Scenario for a Different Outcome

Let’s start with a basic definition:
The Merriman-Webster Dictionary definition for disease is; … a condition that prevents the body or mind from working normallyDis means: being without – ease means: comfort.  (NOTE:  Today, the meaning of the word “disease” is being used to describe a medical diagnosis.)

Then, let’s add an irrefutable piece of science:
The body requires adequate amounts of water, nutritious food, moderate exercise and adequate rest to function normally.

Next, let’s reach logical working theory:
When the body isn’t functioning normally, it may be deficient in adequate amounts of water and/or nutritious food, and/or moderate exercise and/or adequate rest.  When the deficiency is resolved, normal function may resume.

Now, let’s test the theory against reality:

  1. Most people think “they eat pretty good” when, in fact, they don’t.  The vast majority, while they have a passing familiarity with the Balanced Diet, seldom hit the daily recommendations for a balanced, healthy diet.
  2. Most people fail to achieve the required unmanaged 8 hours of sleep each night. (Pills don’t count!)
  3. Most people fail to achieve even 20 minutes of walking each day, the rest over exert themselves with strenuous exercise.
  4. And, their children are waiting for their turn on the merry-go-round, too.  Children exhibit similar characteristics to their parents.  Obesity, hyper-activity, moods, concentration, to name just a few, could be attributed to similar issues.  And, after they’re grown, they simply keep on keeping on.

There is a cycle that creates sickness and failing health through diet and lifestyle.

I’ve written several versions of this same message.  My two favorites are titled:  The Missing Diagnosis:  Hand to Mouth Disease and Chemcuisine – the New Standard American Diet.  These two articles highlight the point that the food most people are consuming does not reach the level of nutrition that the body requires to stay healthy.  They are both available on the NUPRO blog for your review.

  1.  Hand to Mouth Disease »
  2. Chemcuisine – The New Standard Diet »
Young or old, male or female – the food you are consuming and the things you do, on a daily basis, guaranties that you will be living with sickness – for a long time – or not.

To Change The Way Things Are – You Must Change The Things You Do

That is exactly why Jeanie Traub and I wrote our book:  Creating Radiant Health – Keys to Releasing the Healing Power Within.  It is the ultimate handbook for the care and maintenance of your body.  Everyone should own a copy for reference.  Order it here.

And, that is also why NUPRO developed an easy to understand, simple to follow three-step-plan for taking control of your health – before you become the next statistic.  You can review the plan here.

Living your life in Radiant Health or living with sickness?
It’s Your Life – It’s Your Choice

P.S.  If you are caught in the vortex of sickness, don’t despair.  If it is not too late, you might be able to change the direction.  Review one of your options here.