Have you ever heard:  “Let you conscience be your guide.”  before?  Ya, me too!

And, the older I am, the more I rely on that little voice that we all hear.

Depending on your perspective, conscience could be genetic, learned or spiritual.  Regardless, I’ve learned, mostly the hard way, that the counsel of the little voice is the right advice.

Looking back, the things I regret most were failures of conscience – the times I didn’t hear or listen to my little voice.

And, some of those lapses resulted in more than regrets – they had consequences.  more

After you consider what I have just written, take a moment to focus your thoughts toward the meals you, and your family, are consuming every day.

Then, consider what your little voice is telling you about that choice. 

Are you basking in the glow of Radiant Health …
or are you hearing the moans and groans of declining or failing health?

Those moans and groans are classified, medically, as indicators of degenerative disease.
They are a whole litany of health complaints that occur because the body isn’t working right.

Complaints like:

Obesity Ingestion Constipation High Blood Pressure
Heart Palpations Joints Hormones Libido
Tiredness Anxiety Allergies Food Intolerance
Sleep Disturbances


… are just a few examples of the moans and groans associated with declining health.

  1. They are complaints that are often managed with prescriptive or over the counter medications to silence the little voice that is trying to warn you about the decline of the efficiency of your healthy body with symptoms.
  2. And, they are the predictors of the Big 5 killers:  Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Attack, and Chronic Respiratory Disease – the diseases that are seldom cured – just managed for a slower descent to a predictable, suffering end.

Knowingly or unknowingly, peoples’ fate is predictable . . .
when they ignore or try to silence their little voice.

  • Who thinks they know what makes up a good diet?
  • Who thinks they know what to do to compensate for a “not so good” diet?
  • Who thinks Supermarkets sell food?
  • Who believes that snack, fast and factory food – laced with sugar, salt and chemicals – is good for your body, your spouse or your children?

It is the lure of convenience, the seduction of addictive salt and sweets, and the barrage of chemicals, contained in nutrient depleted factory food that starts the moans, groans and declining health.  more

The simple truth is:  If your meals consist of food that comes in a bag, box or can,  you should throw it away and eat the packaging.

Your body knows.  It is trying to tell you to stop …
If you would only listen to that “little voice” and take the appropriate action.

So … Who do you Trust?  Is it:  

  • A stranger with a brief case (expert)?
  • A likable guy with a diploma?
  • Some body in a white coat?
  • A TV personality?
  • A neighbor who “knows something or someone”?
  • An ad on TV or …?
  • Any straw to grasp – that might stop you from sinking into the abyss of failing health?

… or is it good ol’ common sense?

Everything of you own of value – your car, appliance, electronic device – comes with an owner’s manual to advise you about its care and maintenance – except your most valuable asset – your body.

What if you could get the manual for $20.00?  Would you buy it?

I may be just another one of those strangers with a briefcase, or not.
You’ll need to decide for yourself.

But, I’ll tell you this – it is easier to stay healthy than it is to get healthy once you’re not.

It’s your life – it’s your choice.

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