Can Your Body Adjust Your pH Correctly?


Sounds like an easy answer – right?  Not so fast!

The truth is:

Your body is adapting to all kinds of stuff—all the time – it’s part of your body’s innate survival skills … using the nutrients you supply from your diet.

It’s the way:

  1. the immune system works
  2. it adjusts to hot and cold
  3. the body heals itself
  4. the body adjusts itself to your diet
  5. and a whole lot more!

For example: if your diet doesn’t contain enough Calcium to neutralize the acids it produces, it borrows Calcium first from your jaw, and then from the rest of the bones to neutralize the acids before they can damage delicate structures, tissue and organs.

Would you swim in a pool of acidic water? Of course not!

Did you know:

Your body relies on a narrow range of internal acid/alkaline balance to function efficiently?  It’s called pH balance.

The internal pH balance of the body is slightly base—around 7.3.

Small pH variations of 2%, either way, can have a significant effect on:  

  1. How you think
  2. How you feel
  3. How your body functions
  4. How often you get sick
  5. Even your long-term health. 

Maintaining a balanced pH goes a long way for helping you protect or improve your health.

If you are:

  • Concerned about your health,
  • Confused about supplements or what to do,
  • Frustrated or feeling abandoned by medicine,

  a Natural Health Coach can help you accomplish your health and healing objectives using:

  • Common-sense lifestyle modifications
  • And, if necessary, safe, holistic, professional grade supplements

. . . to support a more efficient process and/or function of your body.

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Written by: Frank A. Lucas, PhD, NHC