Are Human Internal Toxins Poisonous?

Yes:  If toxins remain and accumulate in the body, you would suffer an agonizing death by poisoning.  Supplements can help you cleanse your whole body or target specific contaminants.

Cleansing Supplements

Where do internal toxins come from?

The human body is a self-defending, self-repairing, self-replication vessel;  burning oxygen and glucose for energy, disposing of the wastes of combustion, constantly rebuilding tissue, replacing worn out, dead cells with new, fresh ones –a project on a scale of 300 billion cells each and every night of your life. Virtually every cell in the body is replaced every seven years (estimated to be 750 trillion cells).

Some types of cells are programmed, at the DNA level, to be replaced more frequently.

For example:  Scientists discovered that red blood cells are replaced every 120 days; heart cells—every 2 months; colon/intestinal cells—every 5 days; skin—every 4 weeks; bone structures—every year.

On one side of the coin, this ongoing process of building a new body from the food we eat and the water we drink challenges the mind.

On the other side, the daunting task of breaking down, recycling and eliminating the wastes created by processing several hundred pounds of dead cells boggles the mind.

The wastes of cellular breakdown, general metabolism and digestion are, to one degree or another, poisonous.

Another word for this is toxic. If these toxins were to remain and accumulate in your body, you would suffer an agonizing death by poisoning.

The body has a system to eliminate toxins before the buildup can damage cells, tissue and organs.

The two main organs of detoxification are the liver and the kidneys.  They act like filters, removing toxic substances, purifying the body.

If the body is faced with an overload of toxins (toxemia), secondary organs of elimination: the large intestine, lungs, bladder and the skin, are frequently forced into helping eliminate the extra toxins.

NOTE:  The secondary organs of elimination may become inflamed, irritated and weakened when are forced to process toxins.  The results can be skin irritations, bacterial or viral infections, asthma, sinusitis or a whole host of other issues depending on the area involved.

Sometimes, the toxins are deposited instead of eliminated which leads to another, different set of complaints: toxins stored in joints result in arthritis; in muscle tissues— rheumatism, skin and organs—cysts and benign tumors.

When toxins build up, they weaken the body’s immune response.  That’s when infesting/infecting organisms (parasites, virus, bacteria, yeast) successfully invade and begin attacking the body or worse yet, genetic alterations may occur.

How You Become Toxic

In a perfect world, the liver and kidneys would keep up with their job for 80, 90 or even 100 years before beginning to tire.

In this ideal world, the food would of course, be very nutritious and free of pesticide residues, the air and water would be pure, food would not be denatured or turned it into high calorie/no nutrition junk food. In this perfect world everyone would get moderate exercise into old age, and live virtually without stress. In this utopia, doctors would have little or no work other than repairing traumatic injuries, because everyone would be healthy.

Back in reality, fast, sweet and convenient are the dietary guidelines for the day. People eat whatever they feel like eating—whenever they feel like it,  and in the less-than-ideal world of today, doctoring is a financially rewarding profession.

Everyday, people choose to eat the food that contributes to their decline in health.

The food is denatured, processed, fried, salted, sweetened, preserved— overburdening the liver and kidneys. Children develop the very same diseases as their parents because as children, they put their feet under the same dining table as their parents—their diet is overburdening the organs of elimination—just like Mom, Dad and Uncle Bill.

Health Concerns Are Being Managed

If you want a new, favorite hobby like hanging out at the doctor’s office reading outdated magazines—do not consider changing the unconscious habit of eating the fast, sweet and convenient food that advertisers recommend.

To change the way things are you must first change the things you do. Experts and nutritionists finally agree: “There is a direct relationship between staying healthy and consuming 7 servings of colorful vegetables and fruits each day.”

Protect Yourself From an Imperfect World

A great first step is to examine the habits that contribute to declining health and lead to sickness, then begin changing them.

Be honest! Some example are: I’m 20 pounds overweight. I need help with regularity. I am uncomfortable after eating. Some people even write down the different issues that are keeping them from being healthy.

Everyone will have a gap in their diet, so don’t despair if you can’t eat everything you need to become and stay healthy. Simply fill the gap in your diet with a well designed nutraceutical program.

Remember, it is not what you do occasionally that damages your health, it is what you do everyday.

  1. Eat as many whole foods as possible
  2. Drink clean water
  3. Use a nutraceutical supplement to sustain your healthy body.

Why wait?  Stop Poisoning Yourself.

Start enjoying the benefits from cleansing and detoxifying your body with restored energy and vitality. Learn how you can sweep away the barriers that are stealing you health then, do better.

Just don’t make perfect be the enemy of good.

If you are concerned about your health, confused about what to do and what supplements to take or feel abandoned by modern medicine, there are:

  1.  Books to help you understand how to create a holistic health and healing plan,
  2. On-line worksheets to help you chart out your plan
  3.  Natural Health Consultants who can help you.  It’s a painless process that pays you dividends in the long run.