It’s common to expect instant, or at least fast, recovery from sickness or disease.

People need to resume their schedules at work, school, day care … . But, the difference between expectation – instant recovery,  and reality, it takes time – gets people in trouble.  

The urge to resume their GO-GO schedules, before their body has had a chance to recover, puts them right back on track to relive their sickness or disease – 0r worse, experience even more challenging complaints.

The word, disease, is part of the modern lexicon.

Most people take it to be a medical term that evokes thoughts of prescriptions and medical treatment – but, it’s not.  A quick trip to the dictionary can easily dispel all this confusion (at least for the non-bureaucrats).  You will read:   A disease is an abnormal condition affecting the body of an organism.  It breaks down nicely, too:  dis means: “the opposite of”; ease means: “comfort” – the opposite of comfort.

“Convalesce” is a word that is missing from the list of pseudo-medical jargon that people recognize, today.

Convalescence is: a state of progressive restoration to health and strength after the cessation of disease; make progress toward the recovery of health.  As the definition implies, it takes time for the complete restoration to health. 

In this GO-GO world we live in, it’s common to expect instant, or at least fast, recovery from sickness or disease.

Perhaps it’s because:  Aspirin works so good for a headache and minor pain or, maybe, it’s the way prescriptions mask symptoms so quickly. Who knows …

But, when disease “happens” – convalescence needs to be the watch word!

Your body is not a machine – It is a miracle of Creation that is:

  • Adaptable:
    allowing your body to adjust to changing circumstances, for short period of time
  • Resilient:
    allowing it to bounce back from those short-term changes
  • Self-Repairing and Replicating:
    allowing it to heal itself – if it has the nutritional resources and enough time.

Excluding conditions of birth, infection and injury, most of the complaints people experience are degenerative in nature.  The body has been decaying – over time – due to physical, mental and/or nutritional negligence.

Many of the health complaints, today,
. . . are symptoms of the body inability to adapt to this long-term negligence.

When people stop the negligence, their complaints diminish – add missing nutrition, the complaint goes away.

Convalescence is removing the offending lifestyle choices – physical, mental , biochemical – for a period of time – to allow the body to recover from the effects of past neglect and abuse.

NOTE:  It’s a chance to reflect on the circumstances and choices that put people in their plight, in the first place, so they can make the changes that allows them to avoid repeating the ordeal, or worse, a magnified version of their symptoms of decay and declining health.

The duration for Convalescence is generally 1 month for each year of discomfort.  It’s a progression, too.  People feel better sooner than the calculation suggests because the latest complaint is the 1st to diminish, so they can resume life, moderately, sooner – but full recovery will take the full time.

In holistic terms, nagging health complaints are warning signals that the body is reaching the limits of ability to adapt.

  • If they’re nipped in the bud, with: improved diet, a few fundamental supplements, rest and lifestyle modification, the body bounces back.
  • If not, then health deteriorates – significantly – as their body continues to decay.

It’s Easier to Stay Healthy, Than to Become Healthy, Once You’re Not

It’s really that simple!

The Objective is:    Be Responsible and in Control of Your Own Health

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