Living has an inevitable end – death.
One hopes life ends in a peaceful repose; however, that is, often, not the case.
Health Care is not:
  1. A medical prescription, treatment or procedure – once your health begins to decline and falter.
  2. A natural potion, lotion or pill that you start taking – when traditional medicine fails you.
  3. And, health is more than keeping the outside clean and shiny.
Health Care is a path one follows – and it starts with knowing what to do.

The choices one makes each day, knowingly or unknowingly, contribute to either:

  1. The health and well-being of your body
  2. Or your body’s gradual, almost imperceptible, decay into sickness & disease

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  3. How to take care of your body – naturally
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P.S.  Please, share this information with your friends and family.   Let them decide, for themselves, if health care is better than sick care.