The holidays are the time when people tend to over-indulge.  Between work, friends, social events and the celebrations, the possibility, and the probability, that you will fall victim to all the “goodies”, and gain weight  is high.

So what can you do?

 Enjoy!  Relish all of the wonderful offerings.  After all, it is a celebration!  Just be smart about it.  You can avoid or minimize losing weight when the Holiday Season is over.

  • If you are at a buffet or family get together, use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate.  Take small portions of the many delicacies.  Take small bites and chew the food thoroughly.
  • If you choose to drink an alcoholic beverage, ask for your drink “tall” then, after the first, skip the alcohol and switch to the mix.
  • Savor the treat or desert but, cut the serving in half.  Again, take small bites and chew it thoroughly.
  • Pace yourself.  Put a limit of one serving per sitting of anything you choose to eat or drink.
  • Drink plenty of water.  It will help flush away all the residuals from a diet that is so different than normal.

Hopefully, when you get to the New Year celebration, you won’t be worrying about resolving to lose the extra weight you have gained over the holidays.

If you have gained weight, or if there is still some weight hanging around from years past, don’t despair (or worse – over react) about your weight gain.  Some time, choosing a more moderate, balanced diet and a brisk, daily, 20-minute walk may help you lose weight.

If patience is not one of your best virtues, or you have more than a few pounds lingering around your middle, you may want to consider using dietary supplements, along with your more moderate diet and walk, to help speed up your weight loss.

One final thought, if you are inclined to make resolutions, resolve to treat you body like it your best friend.  It is and, you’ll never find another like it.

We wish you Happy Holidays and a bountiful, prosperous New Year.