Why I Became a
Natural Health Consultant & Coach

By Frank A. Lucas, PhD, NHC

Beyond the academics involved in becoming a Natural Health Consultant (certified) and a Holistic Health Practitioner, my journey through a life-threatening illness gave me the compassion and desire
to help people find answers and hope that they can feel healthy again.

Natural Health Consultant and Coach

The Academics

The syllabus for a 2 year course of study for a Natural Health Consultant reads:

”  … to prepare the candidate to:
1. Counsel on health and wellness issues
2. Identify appropriate alternative therapies and herbal remedies for health problems and conditions
3. Incorporate natural medicine, herbal remedies and lifestyle therapies into a personal health and wellness plan”

NOTE:  I completed the course with highest honors.

My Story

Beyond the academics, my own journey through a life-threatening illness gave me the compassion, a genuine desire to help people find answers and give them hope that they can feel healthy again.

After surviving Legionnaire’s Disease, the side effects of the medications and the after effects of the medical treatments, my brain, ravaged by fever, didn’t work, I was on oxygen 24/7 and my body had been consumed by the infection.

When I asked the Pulmonologist about the long-term effects, he told me point blank, “I don’t know.” He also gave me the prognosis that the damage to my body and lungs could be irreversible and I would never be completely cured.

Back to Optimal Health With Lifestyle Medicine & Natural Remedies

Thankfully, I had been trained by a wise herbalist who taught me 3 lessons:

  1. The human body is magnificently created and it can regain health if given the right tools
  2. The power of appropriate natural medicine in restoring health and energy
  3. The healing power of nutritious, whole food and health-producing choices.

Natural Healing Changed My Life

Natural Health Consultant and coach, Frank A. Lucas PhDThat experience was a powerful force in shaping my passion for teaching people how to heal through natural remedies and lifestyle therapies.  I believe I was prepared and healed expressly for the purpose of helping people find answers and live vibrantly through natural remedies and lifestyle strategies … I am living proof!

NOTE:  I have opened natural health consulting, coaching and mentoring service. I call it the Radiant Health Club.

Helping You Change Your Life

The Radiant Health Club is open to all the people who share the goal of staying or becoming health, naturally.  I offer consulting and coaching services to mentor your progress using safe, time-tested natural remedies and lifestyle strategies to help you protect or improve your health, naturally.


natural health consultant and coach in Castle Rock, CO

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Castle Rock, CO
and the Front Range

People who live in or near Castle Rock can arrange for a face-to-face visit with Frank.  Clients who live in Metro Denver, Colorado Springs, and other nearby towns like, Elizabeth, Larkspur and Parker can schedule appointments, during the week or Saturday, to discuss their specific health challenges, consulting and mentoring sessions.

Locate the Club

and Abroad

The internet and telephone make Frank’s expertise available to English-speaking people everywhere.  In fact, Dr. Lucas has been helping selected distant clients accomplish their health and healing objectives for more than 20 years.  It’s a simple matter of adjusting for time differences to schedule consulting and mentoring sessions.

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If you’re one of the many people who are confused, frustrated or overwhelmed with trying to choose supplements to protect or improve your health, Frank has developed a holistic health and healing worksheet that helps make choosing and using natural supplements less frustrating, less risky with better outcomes and less expensive.

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