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To help you achieve your health objectives, holistically!”

Your Consultant – Frank Lucas, PhD, NHC

A Note From Frank …Your Health Consultant - Frank Lucas

Staying or becoming healthy, using Holistic Lifestyle Supplements™ is simple, but sometimes you need a little help.

Most of the time, we can answer your question, right away.  And, there’s no charge.

 Call us, we’re happy to help.

Metro Denver:  303.660.0562
U.S.:  1.800.704.8910

Or, you can dash off a quick e mail


Or, stop by my office

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Other times, when your issues are more complex

… and I’ll need to develop a personalized program to help you achieve your objective.  In that case, I’ll need to bill you for my time.  Most of the time, it’s the basic fee which is $75.00 for each session.  But, remember, the 1st visit is free!  We’ll know more after we talk.