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Review of the Body’s Processes

In earlier newsletters, we’ve covered the processes the body uses to produce the resources and fuel it requires to sustain and energize itself.

By now, you and I should agree:  taking the food you consume and turning it into energized flesh, muscles and bone is truly a remarkable feat.

The Body’s Processes Are:

Ingest Digest Assimilate Eliminate
You consume
food & water

enzymes liquify the food

Microbes break it down

Nifty enzyme chemistry gets nutrients to the cells

Nifty enzyme chemistry removes the wastes

Out go the wastes and toxins!

Building Blocks

Enzymes, Microbes & Minerals

pH (acid/alkalinity balance) affects body function, microbial action and enzymatic activity

As it stands, 50% of you will not be healthy throughout your life.

The 5 most common diagnoses, that will make your life miserable before they kill you, are: diabetes, stroke, heart disease, lung disorders and cancer.

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