Choosing and using supplements can be risky!

There are 2 types of supplements:

  1. Consumer grade:  including all the different bottles of “natural” supplements you’ll encounter at retail outlets and the ones that offer you “an income opportunity”.  They can be categorized by 2 situations:  (1.)  buzz – excitement because of a celebrity endorsement, product announcement or (2.)  advertising and price – rest assured their price can be too low and too high!  Simply put, the decision is equation is:  buzz + clerk + price = choice.
  2. Professional grade.  As their name implies, they are limited to professional channels.  Most of the time, the professional, who sells these products,  must prove their competency for recommending them for the various structures and functions of the body.
    Simply put, the equation for professional grade supplements is:  structure and/or function + professional guidance + affordability = meeting your health and healing objective.

Often, “sketchy” guidance and price are the reasons people are disappointed with their supplements,
so it pays to choose wisely.