If you were shown a substance that: aids in weight loss, reduces puffiness, clears complexion, improves circulation, improves breathing, improves digestion, improves endurance and fights constipation, would you be interested?

This could be the wonder product of the century!

I’ll bet you are you asking yourself:  “How much does it cost?” and “Where can I get it?”

 Here’s how you can get your supply today:

Go to your kitchen sink, fill a glass with water and drink it. That’s right – it’s WATER

Incredible as it may seem, water is the most important component of good health known to man.

In fact, 60% – 70% of the body’s weight is water.  Water is the body’s solvent:  it thins blood, carries away toxins, helps metabolize fat, liquefies consumed food, rinses out organs, balances electrolytes to support nerve function, carries hormones for endocrine function – in short it is the body’s magic potion.

However, when the body gets less water than it needs, it perceives the situation as a threat to its survival and begins to conserve every drop. Many of the cleansing functions of water are affected as it reuses and reuses and reuses the conserved, filthy water.

Drinking enough water is the best treatment for a whole litany of things – headache, constipation, digestion, sluggishness, clarity of mind, water retention, weight gain – all symptoms of dehydration.

There is a good rule of thumb for drinking enough water:  divide your body weight by two. The result is the number or ounces of water to consume every day.

Caffeinated beverages such as coffee, soda, energy drinks and certain teas are diuretics, which force the body to expel water. If you consume caffeinated beverages, compensate for their effect by drinking two ounces of water for each one ounce of these beverages

If you are trying to lose weight or are not healthy, increase the amount by 20%. Contrary to popular opinion, juices, soups and other liquids that require digestion do not count! Water is water!

Follow this schedule to utilize water effectively:

  • Morning (right after rising):  consume one quart of water during a 30-minute period.
  • Noon:  consume one quart of water during a 30-minute period.
  • Evening:  consume one quart of water during a 30-minute period.
  • Drink the remainder of your requirement throughout the day.

The body’s signal for hunger and thirst are similar and are often confused. Try drinking a glass of water instead of eating something. Your body just might need hydrating instead of a snack!

When the body gets all the water it needs to function efficiently, its fluids are perfectly balanced. Glands, nerves, and bowel begin to function efficiently. Skin begins to glow, water retention subsides, weight normalizes, endurance increases, concentration improves, and on … and on … and on!

P.S.  Chlorine isn’t good for your body but it kills the stuff that gets in your water pipes that can make you sick. Chlorine is normally a gas … so if you put a one gallon, open topped container full of tap water in your refrigerator before you go to bed, the chlorine will dissipate and your fresh water (without chlorine) will be waiting for you in the morning.

P.P.S.  Most people are deficient in trace minerals because they aren’t eating enough fresh vegetables (5 to 7 baseball size servings – daily).  Add an ounce of a trace mineral supplement to your daily water to fill the gap in your diet.

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