Does Medicine Help You Stay or Become Healthy?

Sounds like an easy answer—right? Not so fast!

The truth is:  most people aren’t sick,
. . . but they’re not healthy either!

For example: check out all the ads for: energy drinks—to get you going, “Tums for your tummy”, Gas-X, allergy pills, “stuff” to help with: sleep, anxiety, depression or your hormones: well, you get the picture.

Almost everyone is dealing with something
. . . a distress signal that your body sends you when something isn’t working right.

Would you ignore your car’s fuel gauge or disconnect the wires
to keep it from annoying you? Of course not!

Did you know:

  • Your body relies on 4 processes: Ingestion, Digestion, Assimilation and Elimination,
  • To perform 4 functions: Mend, Defend, Energize and Rebuild that sustain or rebuild your health?
  • That 7 of the 8 processes and functions are automatic—just one process is under your control?
  • A sluggish process or dysfunction can trip a distress signal (symptom)?
  • Often, traditional medications are used to cover up the symptom
    when a natural remedy can correct the source of the issue?

What You Don’t Know About Your Health Can Hurt You

If you are:

  • Concerned about your health,
  • Confused about supplements or what to do,
  • Frustrated or feeling abandoned by medicine,

  a Natural Health Coach can help you accomplish your health and healing objectives using:

  • Common-sense lifestyle modifications
  • And, if necessary, safe, holistic, professional grade supplements

. . . to support a more efficient process and/or function of your body.

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Written by: Frank A. Lucas, PhD, NHC