Healthy Weight Loss – 3 part series

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part 3

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You are probably asking yourself:
Why invest so much time writing about weight loss?

The answer is:
While the issue of being overweight and obese receives plenty of lip service, the facts show the problem is worsening.
Perhaps these commentaries are adding to the cacophony.
But, if the few of you, who are willing to take action with this information about losing weight naturally to heart – the project has value.
Health is arising to greet the day – not dreading the hours you’re awake.

Frankly, why anyone could possibly confuse fast, convenient and packaged products, masquerading as food, with the “real stuff” is mystifying.

Also, these commentaries were intended to dispel the amorphous picture of health that has been concocted by advertisers to sell products.

The situation is bad enough …
when people choose, knowingly or unknowingly, to commit dietary suicide – but, when they condemn their children to shorter lives – with more suffering –  it must change.

And, don’t confuse these writings with some projection of gloom and doom …
or worse yet, a call for action from a governmental agency.

This project about natural weight loss is a plea to your better senses.

Please, stop teaching your children your bad dietary habits and, if you can, change your ways, too.

It’s easier to lead by example than to brow beat your kids into eating something you don’t eat.

Please, respect your body, and help your children learn how, too.

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Here is a good place to start changing the way thing are in your life.

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Become the Person

… You’ve Only Imagined
…once and for all.

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