Q:  Can Constipation Kill You?

Answer:  Yes!  Now, ask yourself this:  “If constipation can kill you, what is it doing to you before you die?”

The warning “Death begins in the colon.” has been ascribed to Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C. who, in some circles, is referred to as the “Father of Colonics”.

Dr. Jensen’s work concludes: ” … the accumulation of toxic debris and substances due to inadequate and infrequent elimination produce poisons that can kill you.

No one is exempt – including you – from the affects of imperfect digestion and elimination.  In fact, current estimates are that 85% of all Americans are affected in one way or another.

You can begin to appreciate the problem if you imagine what would happen to a plate of food left on the counter in 98 degree heat for two days.

Rotting food, parasitic organismsAfter two days, the plate would hold an unsightly, sticky mix of

•  Rotten protein
•  Rancid fat
•  Fermenting carbohydrates
•  Filled with feeding and hatching organisms and microbes.

NOTE:  The rule for regularity is:
one meal in – one meal out.

When “that stuff” lingers longer than it should – bad things can happen.

Just think about that plate of rotting, infested food on the counter and it is easy to understand Dr. Jensen’s warning;  “Death Begins in the Colon.”

Controlling or eliminating constipation …
is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your health.

The consequences of colon toxins, from the accumulating, rotting debris, colon parasites, attached to the wall of a sluggish colon, damaging your body, stealing your food, poisoning your body with their wastes are going to make you sick before it kills you.

Get Regular

Your body performs four functions to process the food you eat into the substances it needs to sustain itself:

  • Ingestion, you select, prepare and eat food – the part of the process you control.
  • Digestion, the conversion of solid food into liquid nutrients to energize your body, support the repair and replacement of cells and tissue that are damaged or worn everyday.
  • Assimilation, the movement of nutrients from the intestinal tract, through the blood stream to support cellular function.
  • Elimination, the gathering and movement of cellular wastes through the blood stream back to the intestinal tract to be discarded from the body.

Once you start chewing, 9 orderly automatic processes begin:

  1. A signal is sent to evacuate the bowel to make room for the new batch of nutrients (one meal in – one meal out).
  2. Your stomach begins creating acid and other gastric juices to convert the meal into chyme (liquefied food).
  3. After a brief time, the acid and digestive juices are neutralized as the chyme moves into your intestines
  4. An army of microbes, called symbiotes, digest the chyme – producing the nutrients that energize, repair and rebuild your body.
  5. The microbially processed nutrients pass through the intestinal wall into your blood stream for transport to the cells.
  6. The nutrients move through the arterial wall to bathe cells – creating energy, supporting the repair and replacement of damaged and worn cells, tissue and structures.
  7. Wastes transferred to the blood stream and lymph system including:  metabolic wastes, parts of old cells, parts from virus, bacteria, fungi and intestinal parasites, colon parasites and organ parasites that are destroyed by the immune system
  8. The debris is filtered from the blood and lymph by the kidneys and liver and returned to the digestive tract
  9. Finally, the debris is gleaned for any reusable nutrients such as water, minerals and amino acids after which the remaining waste and toxins exit the body.

The consequences of imperfect digestion …
is like eating a plate of spoiled food.

Except, the organisms are intestinal parasites, colon parasite and organ parasites feeding on, and damaging, your body producing wastes of their own.

The byproducts from the rotting food are taking the place of nutrients, moving into the blood stream, through the arterial wall bathing the cells in toxins and debris that will overwhelm the body’s ability to keep itself clean and cast out the poisons that can kill you.

2 questions you need to consider

1.  If the sewer was backed up in your home …
how long would it take you to call a plumber?

2.  If constipation will kill you …
what is it doing to you before you die?

Call the Plumber

 Dr. Jensen believes …
the accumulating mass, inside your body,
of feeding organisms and toxic debris,
will make you sick and diseased before it kills you.

The single most essential aspect of health is promoting and maintaining the automatic processes that sustain and heal your body – starting with the management of constipation.*

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