Protecting Health Naturally

Good Nutrition Vital in Fighting Mesothelioma Cancer

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Good Nutrition Vital in Fighting Mesothelioma Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, at least 35 percent […]

Today’s Choices are Tomorrow’s Consequences

Does Diet Affect the Way You Feel?
People are affected by the food they eat.  Allergies are one example.  But there’s also food intolerance and food sensitivities to consider – and you might experience the same reaction to the other stuff – preservatives, taste & color enhancers, and more – that’s in the foods you consume.
Recently, I have been considering […]

Taking Care of Your Body

Pay For Sickness Or Invest in Health
Your body protects, repairs and rebuilds itself every day of your entire lifetime.
Virtually every cell, of the 750 trillion cells in the body, is replaced every seven years.
While you are sleeping, your body builds 300 billion cells every night just to keep up with the task.  Your body is:  a self-defending, self-repairing, self-replicating […]

Invest in Health or Pay to be Sick

How Should You Pay For Health Care
Today, most people are thinking about what they would do if they get sick.  What if you could help reduce your chances of facing that decision
. . . using a natural alternative?
Help yourself stay healthy using Self – Care
Self-care is taking responsibility for your health – it is health care. Self-care is founded […]

Immune System Basics

A Strong Immune System Is Essential
The job of the immune system is to defend the body against millions of pathogens: environment bacteria, microbes, viruses, toxins and parasites, that are waiting to invade the body – it is called immunity, for short.
The term pathogen is derived from the Greek “that which produces suffering. A pathogen is: a biological agent that […]

Sick Care vs Health Care … there’s a difference

Are You Healthy or Medically Healthy?
There is a difference between being treated medically for symptoms and sickness and true health.  Which one would you prefer?  Learn how you can stay or become really healthy – naturally.
Welcome to the Health & Healing Boot Camp

1st, let’s start with some definitions:
Traditional Medicine is sick care:  it’s a reactive approach to declining health, sickness and disease.
… it’s […]

How to Manage Your Own Health

How Can I stay Healthy?
Most people seldom give their health a second thought because they believe medicine has a magic bullet, machine or procedure that can fix whatever ails them.
Some people believe there is a natural potion, lotion or pill from the supplement industry that are magic bullets, too.
It is easy to understand, too,  because once medicine has failed […]

Why Should You Take Dietary Supplements?

Do You Need To Take Supplements?
The difference between what you consume and what your body needs to stay healthy creates a gap that allows your health to leak away.  The bigger the hole, the faster your health leaks away!  Supplements Fill the Leaks!
Your Body Makes Beautiful Music
Health is the beautiful music that is produced when your body is functioning […]

Promoting a Healthy Digestive Tract

Healthy Digestion is the Highway to Health
… Bad Digestion can be the Road to Ruin

Di·ges·tion is: the process of breaking down food
into more simple chemical compounds
to make the food easier to absorb.

Estimates are that more than 80 million Americans are paying the price for bad digestion – heartburn, indigestion, IBS, diarrhea, constipation, food intolerance, frequent illness, gas, bloating and […]

Are You Poisoning Yourself with Internal Toxins?

Internal Toxins & Wastes
May Be Poisoning You
Keeping your body clean on the inside
. . . is just as important as keeping yourself clean on the outside.
Your Body has a BIG Job.  The human body is a self-defending, self-repairing, self-replication vessel; combusting oxygen and glucose for energy, disposing of the wastes of combustion, constantly rebuilding tissue, replacing worn out, dead […]