The Goldilocks Paradigm

What Does Goldilocks Know
That You Need to Know?

The Goldilocks fable involves a little girl who trespasses into the home of a family of three bears.

Once inside the Bear’s home, she:

Sampled their meal exclaiming “… too hot, too cold, just right!”, so she ate that bowl of porridge.
Sampled their chairs exclaiming “… too big, too small, just right!”, so she […]

Let Your Conscience be Your Guide

Have you ever heard:  “Let you conscience be your guide.”  before?  Ya, me too!

And, the older I am, the more I rely on that little voice that we all hear.

Depending on your perspective, conscience could be genetic, learned or spiritual.  Regardless, I’ve learned, mostly the hard way, that the counsel of the little voice is the right advice.

Looking back, […]

A Vision for Natural Health and Healing


Who thinks that taking a daily multi-vitamin is not the healthy thing to do?  Anyone?

When people are asked to say why they take a particular supplement, they will smile and answer: “ … because it’s good for me”

Seriously, why do people take a particular supplement? It’s because they have read or heard about the benefits, and they want them.  […]

Alternative Medicine vs Conventional Medicine … Why the Controversy?

The Evolution of Medicine …
Conventional Medicine versus Alternative Medicine
In the late 18th century, three scientists fought it out over competing theories of disease – Louis Pasteur, the father of conventional medicine versus Claude Bernard and Antoine Bechamp, proponents of alternative medicine.

Pasteur’s side, conventional medicine, believed that germs, from outside the body, were the source of all diseases.  Their ideas set […]

Is Childhood Obesity a Problem or a Symptom?

The Saturday morning hosts, on the local radio station, were talking about childhood obesity.  They rambled on about the usual “culprits”:  lack of exercise and PE classes, vending machines, school lunches and fast food; until they hit on the factoid that most overweight children are undernourished.

Both hosts were mystified.  The discussion intensified while they kept asking:  “How can overweight […]

Whole Body Cleansing and Detoxification

Who hasn’t heard the expression
at least a thousand of times?
Most people practice good hygiene. It is the healthy thing to do
and, it minimizes offending appearance and odors.
Have you ever thought about
hygiene for inside of your body?
What About the Inside of Your Body?
Did you know:
you have 9 square feet of skin on the outside of your […]

Win From Within

You Are What You Eat
Have you seen the new T.V. commercial for Gatorade?
The sound bite is “Win From Within”.
When I saw the commercial, it triggered a memory of my grandmother. Her favorite saying was “You are what you eat.”

When I was little, she applied this phrase when she was cooking, tending her garden or on the occasion when she […]

Losing Weight in 2012

Are you planning to make any New Year resolutions this year?

How about the tried and true resolutions to … lose weight?  … go to the gym?  … starve yourself skinny?  … buy those diet pills/videos/clubs/meals you saw/heard about/read about?

You’re probably right!  You would look and feel better – if there were “less of you”.

Sadly, your resolution will likely meet […]

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The NEW Standard American Diet: Chemcuisine

Here’s a term
you may not recognize:  “Chemcuisine”.
The first time we read the term, we were researching this article.  On the site, Center for Science in the Public Interest, the publishers proclaim:  “Shopping was easy when most food came from farms. Now, factory-made foods have made chemical additives a significant part of our diet.”
In previous articles, we discussed the Balanced […]

You Can Get Everything You Need From the Food You Eat

If you’re not feeling or looking your best,
… your doctor, your mother or your friend, will likely tell you that “All you need to do is eat a better diet.  You can get everything you need from the food you eat!”
These well-meaning advisors say so, because they heard someone say – “You’re  food gives you everything you need. ” – it is commonly […]

When Does “Not Me!” Become “Why Me?”

 Who among you believes you will suffer the indignity of
Failing health, Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Attack or Cardiovascular disease?

Well, if you believe the statistics, about half of you will suffer and ultimately succumb to one of these.  And, if you add another leading cause of suffering and death – Allopathic errors – the number is higher.

The exact moment when […]

Am I a Luddite?

Has Medicine Become to Modern?
Could my appreciation for the cause and affect, for declining or failing health, and associated natural remedies have so colored my thinking that I failed to grasp the possibility that technology had turned me into a dinosaur?
Recently, I was accused of suffering from “old fashioned thinking” on matters of health and healing.  Since the accusation […]