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Discussion About Weight Loss – Part 2

 Editor’s Note:  Judging from your comments, Part 1 of this discussion on weight loss struck a cord.  Thank you for the time you took to write.
Healthy Weight Loss – 3 part series

 Part 2  »

The unvarnished truth is:
there are at least 4 generations of adults, who are facing an early grave – and taking […]

Discussion about Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss – 3 part series

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 Part 2  »

It comes as no surprise
that being overweight or obese
is America’s #1 Challenge.
The problem is so epidemic
that teens and even young children are FAT – and not in the cute way.
This business of promoting “eat less and exercise more” isn’t making a dent in the […]

Essential, Natural Elixer is Finally Revealed

If you were shown a substance that: aids in weight loss, reduces puffiness, clears complexion, improves circulation, improves breathing, improves digestion, improves endurance and fights constipation, would you be interested?
This could be the wonder product of the century!
I’ll bet you are you asking yourself:  “How much does it cost?” and “Where can I get it?”
 Here’s how you can get […]

Health Information Overload

There is so much information about health that it is easy to be overwhelmed by the tsunami.

Books, magazines, infomercials, talk shows, television ads, radio ads, newspaper ad feature experts dissecting real and imaginary health concerns that “every American should know about.”  Media advertisers are bombarding you with sound bites or glossy pages for: prescriptive medicine, natural advances and smiling […]

What is Your Health Budget?

One of the first lessons I learned, once I began earning a paycheck, was the importance of a budget.  My mother, who was my unofficial financial planner, showed me the “envelope trick.”

Mother patiently showed me how to identify my expenses, label an envelope for each expense, divide my money between each expense and put it in the appropriate envelope.  […]

The Health Care Trap

Not so many years ago, people practiced self-care.  The incidental complaints like: a tummy ache, colds, aches and pains were inconveniences that were handled at home.

When people did go to the Doctor, they went to an office.  They used the Doctor’s services for injuries, inoculations, a “shot” for protection from viral infections, anti-biotic pills for bacterial infections and an […]

Is Health a Hot Topic?

Health Care is a Hot Topic
Issues surrounding how to stay healthy, medicine, natural medicine, supplements and health care insurance are hot topics.
Every newscast, newspaper and magazine contains “vital information that you must know about health care”.  Between the infomercials and radio talk shows, the typical American should be well informed, in control and healthy. We decided to interview a fictional […]

Are You Running Out of Energy?

Feel Tired – Like Your Battery is Worn Down?
Who doesn’t!  That’s why energy drinks are so popular.  What if there’s another, more healthy way to recharge your battery without caffeine or other risky stimulants?
Minerals Are The Currency of Life

Question:  When you think of minerals, what is the first thing that comes to mind – something you find in the […]

Are You Deficient in a Dietary Supplement?

Are Supplements Harmful or Helpful?
Should you take supplements to help you stay healthy or avoid them because, as some people think, “… they don’t do you any good”?
How many different advertisements have you seen or heard that trumpet the marvels of a particular natural supplement; or listened to a well intentioned person extol the virtues of a newly discovered […]

Hand to Mouth Disease

Hand to Mouth Disease
Affects Everyone Sooner or Later.
The Causes of Hand to Mouth Disease
You won’t find this particular diagnosis anywhere, but you will find the symptoms described everywhere.
They have diagnoses like: being overweight or obesity, constipation, digestive disorders, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, joint disease, cancer and a whole host of complaints that are being managed – not cured.
Eating a […]

Good Nutrition Vital in Fighting Mesothelioma Cancer

NOTE: From time to time, we receive outside articles to consider for posting on our site. This is a terrific article. We hope you enjoy it. We would like to thank Richard Moyle, National Awareness Coordinator at the Mesothelioma Center for this informative article.

Good Nutrition Vital in Fighting Mesothelioma Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, at least 35 percent […]

Today’s Choices are Tomorrow’s Consequences

Does Diet Affect the Way You Feel?
People are affected by the food they eat.  Allergies are one example.  But there’s also food intolerance and food sensitivities to consider – and you might experience the same reaction to the other stuff – preservatives, taste & color enhancers, and more – that’s in the foods you consume.
Recently, I have been considering […]