Weight Loss

An Analysis of Weight Loss Options

WOW!  Today, a Google search for “loosing weight” delivered 68,981,654 hits.

You have a lot to see, and to consider, if you’re trying to get information about losing weight from the web.

With all those options, it is no wonder people are confused.

Earlier this year, we went through an intensive analysis before we decided to re enter the weight loss supplement […]

Why Are You Struggling with Being Overweight?

The statistics about being overweight or obese are staggering.

Adults, teen and children are, indeed, struggling with this issue of losing weight.

Being over-weight or obese is both a drain on your self-image and a thief that will steal your health.

The options for helping you lose weight while seeming to be plentiful, are woefully few, once you strip away the marketing fluff.

1. […]

Beyond Weight Loss

 We know many of you have a keen interest in managing weight loss. 

The fact that weight loss products continue to lead the dietary supplement industry in gross sales is testament to public interest.  Thanks to all of you who have purchased our new weight management systems.  Be sure to collect your tips.  You will find them helpful during the […]

The Silver Bullet for Losing Weight

Judging by the comments concerning the weight loss articles, many of you are clinging to the misconception that there is one simple way to lose weight.

 There are theories espousing the merits of dieting that range from starvation to consumption of mostly carbohydrates, mostly protein and mostly water.
 There are theories extolling the merits of exercise from gym enthusiasts, yoga, and […]

An Unwarranted Weight Loss Controversy

 It appears a nerve has been struck in the “exercise more” weight loss camp.

 Well … take it easy on me big fellas!

 If gym exercising is your deal, more power to you.  If you find solace in your time in the gym, or however you choose to “sweat”, knock yourself out!  If others choose to join you, more power to them, too.

But, […]

Losing Weight is the #1 Priority – Part 2

Healthy Weight Loss is a #1 Priority
It may have seemed, based on the last post, that weight gain, exhaustion and the observable declining well-being, is limited to traveling professionals.  Nothing could be further from the truth.
Most people experience the same stressors – they’re just closer to home!
The answers lie in two areas:

Demanding Lifestyle

False paradigms that seem to regulate the […]

Losing Weight is the #1 Priority on Most People’s List

Losing weight is the #1 priority
on most people’s list  . . . and rightly so.
The reason for its high rating is simple to understand – if you will pause, during your next trip to the mall, to see what excess weight is doing to people.
Recently, I had occasion to travel by air.  The trip involved three airports for both […]

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Are You Struggling with Weight Issues?

Statistics show too many people struggle
with being overweight or obese.
It is both a drain on their self-image and a thief that will steal their health.  The options for losing weight, while seeming plentiful, are woefully few once you strip away the marketing fluff.
There are many, too many really, sales pitches that are trying to tell you how you can […]

New Year’s Resolution – 2011 – Lose Weight

This time honored practice of resolving to change things in the New Year is … well, time honored and often futile.

I, too, have been moved to make resolutions, occasionally, over the years.  For me, successful resolutions have always been practical and accomplished with simple changes in my daily routines.

Less complicated resolutions have met with greater success.

As it happens, we are […]

Weight Loss – 2010

Thanks for a terrific year.

We have thoroughly enjoyed your comments and we are especially heartened by all of the new visitors and the professionals who are following our blog.  Watching the self-care message and the principals of complimentary medicine take hold is … well, wonderful.

Last year, we shared, for the most part, our discoveries concerning weight management.  Long time […]

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How to Avoid Gaining Weight Over the Holidays

The holidays are the time when people tend to over-indulge.  Between work, friends, social events and the celebrations, the possibility, and the probability, that you will fall victim to all the “goodies”, and gain weight  is high.

So what can you do?

 Enjoy!  Relish all of the wonderful offerings.  After all, it is a celebration!  Just be smart about it.  You can […]

Healthy Weight Loss

Editor’s Note:  For those of you who have been following our commentaries about weight loss, you know we have been wrestling with the issue of losing weight for some time now.
Promoting and maintaining your healthy weight is challenging because losing weight is more complex than it seems.

Today, we would like to report on the progress we’ve made with formulae for […]

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