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Changing subjects: 

we have been clarifying our view of natural healing.  In particular, we have been investigating the work of an early microbiologist, Antoine Bechamp and a scientist, Claude Bernard.   The two theories:  Pleomorphism and Internal Melieu are intriguing.

Considering both men were working at the turn of the century, their work is admirable.

Our penchant to address “symptoms” declining health, either medically or naturally, might be all wrong.

According to Bechamp and Bernard, a decline in the life force of the body may be the source of the problem.Sounds pretty new age, doesn’t it?  But, if you think about it, the name, life force, that describes the intricate interplay between the various functions of the body, is spot on.

The complimentary theories of the two scientists, describe the possibility that the internal environment is the foundation for the efficient function of body.  Furthermore, changes in the internal environment will set off a cascade of dysfunctional events that lead to declining health and, ultimately, death.

This approach suggests that, rather than focusing on particular symptoms of degenerating health, the first effort should be directed at returning the internal environment of the body to the state that supports efficient function.

Heady stuff!

 The long and short of it is: our diet of processed, preserved, packaged, convenience food, replete with all the various additives, is throwing the body’s internal environment out of whack.  In turn, normal functions, due to the out of balance condition, fall into dysfunction.

Next, the approach leads on to suggest that until the internal environment is restored, the various dysfunctions will continue.

Does this approach apply in all circumstances?  Certainly not.  What it points to is the importance of maintaining the general well-being of the body through diet, exercise and rest.  And, if for some reason, you can’t provide your body all of the nutrition it requires to maintain itself, dietary supplements can fill the gap on two levels:  restoring internal balance and rebuilding dysfunction(s).

Do you think we might have stumbled into something?  It’s pretty neat when old becomes new again.  We just completed an analysis of the possibility that you might find interesting.

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