How to Build a Foundation for Holistic Health

Instructions for:
Protecting or Improving Your Health, Naturally
If you’ve decided that you need to understand natural medicine, or holistic health care or you’re frustrated with traditional medical treatments, the following beginners guide will help you start managing your health care instead of paying for sick care.
If you have ever watched a house being built, or if you have ever had […]

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Healthy People Don’t Get Sick

Healthy People Don’t Get Sick
nor do they take prescriptions
Your body is fully capable of staying healthy,
active and vital, during the totality of your life.
Conclusion:  Everyone knows someone who has had their happily-ever-after dashed on the rocks because their health became a problem – or their worst nightmare!  The choices you make, every day, have a direct effect on your happily-ever-after.
Choose wisely!

As early […]

When is the Right Time to Lose Weight?

When is the Right Time
to Start a Natural Diet Program?
Spring is the right time to start your weight loss program!  I’ll bet you’re wondering: “What about all the advertising about losing weight in January?”
Well, the simple answer is: lots of people took a look at their winter-time body and made a New Year’s resolution to make changes.  So, companies hired […]

People Are Living Longer and Sicker

People Aren’t Dying Healthy, Anymore.
“We are in transition to a world
where disability is the dominant concern
as opposed to premature death.”
Christopher J. L. Murray’s study, the Global Burden of Disease Study, conducted over 5 years, examined 187 nations.  It concluded: “For every year of life expectancy added since 1990, about 91/2 months is time in good health. The rest is […]

Gen X Die Sooner, Suffer More

Gen X Die Sooner, Suffer More Than Boomers
A March 2007 Health and Retirement Study, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), National Institute on Aging (NIA), National Institutes of Health (NIH) found:
“… there is a disturbing trend of Americans in their early to mid-50s reporting poorer health, more pain, and more trouble doing every day physical tasks than their older […]

Try Something Different.

Having Health Issues?
Try Something Different!

Recently, I heard an interesting sermon. The talk was, of course, about religion, but while I was listening, it seemed to me that the message applies to lots of things.
In particular, it applies to health – specific health complaint and/or declining and failing health.  The basic message was:

Ignorance → leads to → no discipline […]

Losing Weight in January or Any Time

Have You Resolved
to Lose Weight This Year?
If you’re one of the millions who are determined to take off those extra pounds and inches, this information will help you lose weight, without strenuous exercise, hunger and cravings.
You can Lose Weight by Awakening Metabolism
A Natural Rhythm Affects Metabolism

During winter, the sun is closest to the horizon; during summer, the sun is more […]

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Our Ever Changing World of Technology and Health

The Changing World
of Health And Technology
I see and listen to the young fathers and mothers, who are dealing with sickness and disease.  Or the children who are getting the same diseases as their parents – at an alarming rate – and it makes me want to cry.
Young adults, and their children, tell me about their a shoe box full of medicine […]

Are You Suffering With Painful, Swollen Joints?

Stop Back, Joint and Muscle Pain
Whether you the pain in your back, knees, shoulders – joints or muscles – is mild or serious, the painful, stiff joints and muscles can have an serious impact on the sufferer’s quality of life.
The good news is: there are a number natural remedies to address stiff, painful joints.  You just have to know […]

Achy, Stiff Back – Sore, Stiff Knees and Joints

Those of you who follow the NUPRO blog know that I am not a magic bullet for declining health kind of guy.

In fact, I take most things I hear about “miracle supplements” with a grain of salt.  Sometimes, I can’t ignore what I see with my own eyes.  In this case, it’s what I’m experiencing with my own achy back […]

NUPRO is different than vitamin stores

NUPRO Herbal and Holistic Supplements
There are lots of options for purchasing natural supplements:  in Castle Rock, Colorado, where the NUPRO corporate headquarters, clinic and store are located, on the web and in your town.
 So many, in fact, that buying consumer grade supplements can be confusing, and sometimes risky.
The people at NUPRO work, every day, providing lots of people affordable, […]

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Frank’s Thoughts on Friday

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Review of the Body’s Processes
In earlier newsletters, we’ve covered the processes the body uses to produce the resources and fuel it requires to sustain and energize itself.

By now, you and I should agree:  taking the food […]

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