Stop Back, Joint and Muscle Pain

Whether you the pain in your back, knees, shoulders – joints or muscles – is mild or serious, the painful, stiff joints and muscles can have an serious impact on the sufferer’s quality of life.

The good news is: there are a number natural remedies to address stiff, painful joints.  You just have to know the underlying cause of the pain and stiffness in your joints and muscles.

In order to get rid of the pain and prevent it from coming back, you need to determine what is causing it and target the source of your joint discomfort and take the appropriate action.

Are you suffering with painful, swollen joints?There are 3 likely causes for you sore muscles and joints

Often, joint pain and stiffness may be the result of over-use. You can call it the Weekend Warrior Syndrome. It follows an episode of too much of something.

Sometimes, joint stiffness and pain may a symptom of an injury or that you’ve exacerbated an injury that has not yet healed.

Other times, joint pain is caused by wear and tear, over time.

 NOTE:  Unattended, it may cause osteoarthritis, which is the most common arthritis form. It often comes with inflammation.  There are natural remedies to help with pain and support the bodies ability to rebuild joint structures and function.  learn more  »

Conditions that can affect metabolism, like  gout, are other causes joint pain.

Once you have determined what is causing you to experience pain in your joints, you can then decide which of the following joint pain remedies could be a possible for you.

Option 1: Cover up the cause of your stiff, painful joints with risky, mind numbing drugs

Of course, there are the typical medical “band aids” such as: messy, smelly ointments that burn your skin and stain your clothes; over the counter and prescriptive nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and even more mind numbing corticosteroid and disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs). But, they all come with risks and warnings concerning their use.

NOTE:  These are just some of the medical joint pain remedies you may consider. But, prior to taking any medication, make sure to consult your doctor for the proper dosage for: (NSAIDs), corticosteroid or disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs)

Option 2: Supplements are less risky.  There are lots of consumer grade supplements for joints, so choosing the right one a challenge.

Here are a few examples: Glucosamine: Shown to help promote cartilage formation to prevent or ease joint pain; Chondroitin: Shown to help cartilage flexible and stopping enzymes that harm cartilage; MSM (Methylsulfonymethane): Thought to be helpful in remedying joint pain since they are effective in keeping ligaments flexible and healthy. (Unfortunately, there are not many significant tests that can support the claims). Egg Shell Membrane has exploded into the market in recent years. It has gathered a loyal following of users, plus, research is starting to validate some of the positive anecdotal experiences of users.

NOTE:  The problems are: they take time and without the known vitamin and mineral co-factors that help them work, the likelihood their effectiveness diminishes.

How about a 3rd option:  a holistic approach, using professional grade supplements that have the strength to manages your pain while you restore your joints?

Does it sound too good to be true? It isn’t!  Read on.

There are natural topical gels that provide fast pain relief – for sore muscles and injuries – without burning your skin, ruining your clothes and smelling up the place. You can purchase them from holistic health professionals and at better Chiropractic clinics and . One example is a NUPRO natural gel as shown here ».

There are homeopathic remedies, in pill form, like Formula 303, that are effective with lingering, deeper pain and inflammation that affect your daytime activities and/or sleep. You can find them at better Chiropractic clinics. One example is a homeopathic pain remedy that is available at NUPRO ».

And, there are consumer grade and professional grade natural supplements (called nutraceutical supplements) that combine the natural joint renewing natural ingredients with the known cofactors to help you start rebuilding your joints.

The consumer-grade products are available at most places that sell vitamins. The professional-grade joint support nutraceutical supplements, like the ones available at NUPRO », are also sold at better Chiropractic Clinic and through natural health practitioner offices.

Whether you’re dealing with the after-effects of over exertion or the wear and tear of a life, the sore muscles or the pain of stiff and swollen joints are something to be reckoned with.

This holistic approach, using professional grade supplements,  allows people the luxury of matching a natural pain management strategy to their needs and during the time it takes to help the body to restore joint function without the risks of the medical approach.

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer with painful muscles and/or stiff, swollen or painful joints, you need to know: there are effective, affordable natural remedies to help with the pain and support your body’s ability to rebuild joint structure and function.

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