Statistics show too many people struggle
with being overweight or obese.

It is both a drain on their self-image and a thief that will steal their health.  The options for losing weight, while seeming plentiful, are woefully few once you strip away the marketing fluff.

There are many, too many really, sales pitches that are trying to tell you how you can lose weight.  There are books, clubs, videos, apps on your phone, miracle diet pills, potions or lotions – UGH!

And when the “magic” doesn’t help you lose weight, there are articles regarding how to deal with the way you appear when you are overweight or obese – encouraging you to focus on ways for you to rationalize your “condition”.

Dieting – the eating less and exercising more plan to lose weight – has failed most, if not all, of you because the approach is unsustainable and unhealthy.  All the other “stuff” that promises weight loss is either too good to be true, too expensive over the long haul, impractical or too good to be true.

The recent “breakthroughs” in Bariatric Surgery is another option to help you lose weight.  It seeks to surgically remodel or redirect your digestive tract.  The potential for side effects, from this highly invasive approach, is mind-boggling.  Plus, it’s expensive, so let’s hope your insurance is up to date.   Time is a great truth detector.  The likelihood of this approach succeeding is low.

There is a quote, attributed to R. Buckminster Fuller, on which I often rely:
“ … Belief is when someone else does the thinking for you.”

Today, I am appealing to your intellect.

Which of these approaches makes sense to you?

  1. Ignoring the situation
  2. Starving yourself
  3. Rigorous exercise
  4. Risky surgery
  5. None of the above

Would you consider a practical way to finally get your weight under control?

The fact is, most of you are not eating enough.  That’s right you are not eating enough food to support your body’s nutritional needs, to allow your body to support metabolism and to become, and stay slim, trim and firm.  The Harvard School of Public Health or the University of Michigan Integrative Medicine will provide you guidance on what, when and how to eat.

Another fact is most of you are eating too much of the wrong food.  The number of packaged, processed and convenience meals you eat, everyday, virtually guarantee that you will be hungry soon after you eat, experience insatiable craving, stay overweight and become more and more unhealthy. For more insights, view this short video, with Andrew Weil, MD on the subject.

 If You Want to Lose Weight – Stop Doing That!

If your objective is to successful, long-term weight loss, you should make three simple changes:

1.      From this day forward:

  • Start eating 3 meals each day consuming lots of the foods that feed your body
  • Stop filling the coffers of the Companies who produce packaged and fast food
    – buy fresh – prepare it yourself.  Here are 10 healthy, easy to prepare dinner-time recipes
  • Drink at least 8 – 8 ounce glasses of water everyday – more if you drink caffeinated beverages

2.      For 90 days, replenish long-standing nutritional deficiencies using:

  • High quality multi vitamin or drinking a fortified protein shake
  • Trace mineral dietary supplement  more »

3.      Reset the way your body works with dietary supplements to support:

  •  Waking metabolism
  • Reduction of stress induced belly and hip fat
  • Elimination – unless you experience at least 1 easy, soft bowel movement everyday.

The unvarnished truth is obesity and being overweight, and most degenerative diseases for that matter, are symptoms of one thing:  Hand to Mouth Disease.  They are predictable conditions, brought on by the decisions you make everyday, to consume foods that we all know aren’t healthy.

Each time you purchase a food item or choose to eat something, ask yourself one question:  Will my body thank me for this later?  If the answer is no, rest assured, there is a price for that decision.  What you choose to consume is the raw materials on which you body relies to produce energy, replace dying cells, repair damaged tissue, deal with stress and protect itself from disease.

 How’s that Big Deal Meal been workin’ out for ya?

 “I came in a tired, overweight, sluggish mess!
I am down 5 sizes and 50 pounds and I have a renewed zest for life
thanks to Nupro ThinRite weight loss products!”
Denise R. Parker, CO

 Now that we have your attention:  here’s a family of well-crafted professional grade, weight management supplements to fit your needs and your budget, along with free comprehensive package of tips for health weight loss, to help you with successful, long-term weight loss .

 *  We believe that creating and maintaining health is more than the search for “a miracle in a bottle” myth.  We have developed a strategy that can help you promote weight loss and maintain your health.  If you want, or need help, contact the Radiant Health Club and talk to a Natural Health Consultant to help you.