It appears a nerve has been struck in the “exercise more” weight loss camp.

 Well … take it easy on me big fellas!

 If gym exercising is your deal, more power to you.  If you find solace in your time in the gym, or however you choose to “sweat”, knock yourself out!  If others choose to join you, more power to them, too.

But, you need to know that many of us don’t share your enthusiasm.

Gym exercise is not my thing.  My exercise of choice is riding horses.  For me, the experience is physical, mental and, because I compete in events with other like-minded people, social.  I particularly enjoy the therapeutic qualities of the partnership with my highly athletic partners – my quarter horses.

While there is a multitude of ways to manage weight – all of them must involve 3 things:

  1. Better diet
  2. Exercise that fits your schedule, ability and proclivity
  3. Lifestyle choices including: sleep, rest and stress management

 When people have lost, or are losing, their ability to control their weight, one, two or all three of these components conspire to layer on the unwanted pounds and put their health at risk.

 The issue can be viewed as a balanced mathematical equation:  Diet + Moderate Exercise + Lifestyle = Healthy.

When any one, two or all of the pieces of the left side of the equation is out of balance, the result is “not healthy”.

 Of course you’ve heard or seen this before, because it is an unshakable truth with a predictable outcome.

That truth is:  the body will begin to decay when the health equation is out of balance.   The symptoms of decay, and the path they take, are predictable, too.

  1. At first, it is weight gain
  2. Followed by self-medicating with stimulants like caffeine and/or mood enhancers like comfort food and/or alcohol;
  3. Followed by over the counter medications;
  4. Followed by prescriptions for a condition that can’t be resolved – only managed;
  5. Followed by a search for the “magic bullet”
  6. Followed by the ultimate symptom of an imbalanced health equation – premature death.

 Of course, there’s always the issue of bad luck to consider.

People experience accidents and/or infections.  Depending on your overall health, the severity of the injury or infection and the competency of your medical doctor, accidents or infections may be bumps in the road, or not.  If you want more details regarding the conflict between Germ Theory and Pleomorphism, we have prepared a paper on the subject for your review.

 Personally, I believe that weight gain is a sign of decaying health; that this particular sign, weight gain, is brought on by disregarding the health-equation. 

And, while simply putting the equation back to balance will change things going forward, it will do little to change the systemic dysfunction caused by the prolonged imbalance.

 Weight gain may have as many 5 factors:

  1. Imbalance in calories (consuming more empty calories than you burn)
  2. Imbalance in nutrition (satiety and/or cravings)
  3. Dysfunction in daytime metabolism (sluggishness and or alertness) and/or nighttime metabolism (sleep and/or moodiness and anxiety)
  4. Irregular bowel habits
  5. Producing fat cells to wall off internal acids and other toxic substances

 The penchant for identifying one culprit for weight issues is the source for frustration, and often failure, for most people choosing to lose weight. 

Typically, being overweight or obese is a combination of several or all of the factors:  diet, moderate exercise and lifestyle.

 When you change the health equation you will change the situation, going forward.  And, when you support the dysfunctional bodily systems with high quality, well-crafted dietary supplements that support healing the dysfunction(s) of weight management, or health for that matter, the dysfunctions will begin to right themselves.

 The false paradigm – there is a quick fix to address the manifestations of a dysfunctional body – is an unfulfilling, and often risky, track to follow.

On the other hand, electing to balance your health equation will pay dividends.

 In the end, it’s your life – it’s your choice.  Choose wisely