Has Medicine Become to Modern?

Could my appreciation for the cause and affect, for declining or failing health, and associated natural remedies have so colored my thinking that I failed to grasp the possibility that technology had turned me into a dinosaur?

Recently, I was accused of suffering from “old fashioned thinking” on matters of health and healing.  Since the accusation occurred near a milestone in my life, my 64th birthday, it cried out for introspection.

Could I have become a Luddite on the subject?

I was compelled to reexamine “new fashioned thinking” and to consider all of the advances in the medical technologies, laboratory techniques, drugs and food processing.  There have been many advances during the 40 years that I have actually been paying attention, so I won’t bore you with the details.

I Reached a Verdict – Not Guilty!

My accuser missed the most important fact of all:
… There is no Version 2 of the human body. 

In all of time, the body’s needs haven’t changed.  The human body still requires nourishing food, clean water and rest to protect itself from infection, repair damage and to regenerate itself.

In Fact, My Accuser is Guilty.


. . . of promoting the lie that new technology can replace the basic characteristics of your body.


. . . of repeating the deceptions surrounding manufactured food, exaggerations from researchers, laboratory “hair-splitting” and the medical and pharmaceutical breakthroughs.


. . . of repeating all of the “stuff” that communications experts demand to ply their reporting and advertising trade.

Old School – Indeed

Regardless of the technologies that automakers build into their new cars, there are three things that never change – a fuel gauge, a temperature gauge and an oil gauge – for obvious reasons.

NOTE:  Wouldn’t it be nice if your body had gauges?  Alas, it doesn’t.  Maybe it will when Version 2 is completed.

Your body is, to a point, adaptable.

It can compensate for the lack of nourishing food, fresh water and rest
until the deficiencies become so profound as to cause functional and structural failure
– the process that leads declining health culminating in sickness and a suffering death.

Despite all of the bravado to the contrary, this almost imperceptible decline in health is predictable – but not inevitable.

Continuing on the car metaphor, the lesson is:  if you keep the fuel tank full, the engine cool and lubricated, you won’t find yourself stranded on the side of the road.

My job is simple:  to help you keep the tank full – to help you fill the gap, with supplements, when the food in your diet fails to meet your body’s threshold for sustaining your health using professional grade, holistic NUPRO supplements.

One Final Thought

Choosing and using supplements is like filling the fuel tank in your car, toping of the fluids and keeping air in the tires.  This analogy should make perfect sense unless you want to trade cars every time it runs out of fuel, gets a flat tire or “dies” from neglected basic maintenance .

Unlike your car, your body is resilient – it can, in many cases, heal itself.  So, don’t despair if you find yourself on the side of the road.  It is possible that time and attentiveness could get you “back on the road.”  But, that’s your choice.

So Accuser, go ahead, call me old fashioned if you want.  But, until the introduction Version 2 of the Human Body, I’m sticking to my guns – Healthy People Don’t Get Sick.

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