What is the NUPRO Radiant Health Club?

If you are concerned about protecting or improving your health, naturally, the professionals at the Radiant Health Club can help you achieve your objectives using a common sense approach and, when necessary, natural remedies.

The Radiant Health Club at NUPRO is a caring place where people can find current information and guidance to sustain or improve their health naturally.  It is the brain child of  Frank Lucas, PhD, NHC.  His idea is to create a place where people can get the natural health coaching to protect or improve their health – holistically.
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NUPRO began the Castle Rock, CO operations in 1991 for the purposes of:  1.)  developing natural supplements that are combinations of herbs, vitamins and/or minerals that historical use or scientific evidence has shown to be beneficial for health, called nutraceutical supplements and 2.)  market and sell NUPRO supplements and other natural products to alternative health professionals.  Dr. Lucas is the founder and President of NUPRO Nutraceutical Products Company.

Renew, Restore, Rebuild Your Health, Naturally

Frank HeadshotWith more than 20 years of success . . .
NUPRO and Dr. Lucas enjoys a loyal following of alternative and traditional health professionals, in and outside of the U.S., who have come to rely on the professional-grade NUPRO natural supplements, and the expertise of Dr. Lucas, to help sustain or improve their clients state of health, naturally.

What Frank didn’t anticipate . . .
was number of people who sought out his help directly and, after more than 2 decades of service, the demand for his unique, caring health coaching talents.

That, too, has happened . . .
  Aided by his acclaimed holistic, natural health and healing manual, Creating Radiant Health, The Keys to Releasing the Healing Powers Within, co- authored by Jeanie Traub – who herself was one of his clients – and the literally thousands of people he has helped over the years and helping their family and friends that they send, Frank has decided to establish Radiant Health Club as part of the NUPRO family of products and services.  Read Jeanie’s incredible story  »


Success Stories

I am a 41 year old middle school teacher in Northern Virginia.
8 years ago I was unhealthy and sick all of the time.  Since I was referred to Dr. Lucas, my life has changed drastically.  Today, I am healthy and loving life!  I love calling and chatting with because he ALWAYS takes the time to listen and give me instructions on what to do.

As I write this, many of my colleagues and students are sick and I am NUPRO HEALTHY!   I am truly thankful for all he does for me.
Janelle Kochis, School Teacher
I feel like a twenty year old, but am actually soon to be 75!
 My daughter (Janelle Kochis) introduced me to Frank and I have been with him since then.  After a few sessions and following Frank’s suggestions, I noticed my quality of life change. My once swollen ankles and achy bones were no longer an issue. I am 100 % committed to the program and do not miss a beat!
  I am out and about daily and loving my life!  I live in Southwestern Pennsylvania and look forward to my NUPRO shipments!  And the best part is that Dr. Lucas is only a phone call away to help me with any concerns!   THANK YOU  Dr. Lucas and the NUPRO team!”
Rose K., Retired and Loving Life!

Experienced, Caring Holistic, Natural Health Coach

lucas_nhcDr. Lucas is a Ph.D. and a certified natural health consultant and holistic health coach.
At the Radiant Health Club, he teaches his clients how to sustain or rebuild their health naturally, so they can escape the trap of declining health – or avoid it altogether.

Frank is not a physician.
Rather, he helps his clients build a relationship with their bodies. He provides his clients a framework for keeping their bodies working efficiently – which, in the final analysis is the bounty of health.

With several honorariums and more than 20 years of experience with holistic health and healing, Frank is the “go-to guy” with professionals, their referred clients – and you – to help take the confusion, worry and risk out of choosing and using the holistic principles for health and healing ».

Learn how to sustain or promote natural health and healing at the Radiant Health Club, in Castle Rock, CO – and thanks to the magic of communications – around the world.

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