Who thinks that taking a daily multi-vitamin is not the healthy thing to do?  Anyone?

When people are asked to say why they take a particular supplement, they will smile and answer: “ … because it’s good for me

Seriously, why do people take a particular supplement? It’s because they have read or heard about the benefits, and they want them.  For example:  One a Day … it’s easy; Special Greek Yogurt … regularity; Calcium … strong bones; Vitamin D … the sunshine vitamin.

Dutifully, people:

  1. Go to the Big Box Store, Vitamin Store or the web
  2. Review their options (or ask the clerk)
  3. Make a price decision
  4. Pay
  5. Go home and start taking their vitamin the next morning

The next time they read or hear a benefit statement they may want, people repeat the cycle and buy that one, too.

And, so it goes.  People end up taking a hand full of low priced pills, every morning, and, probably, with a cabinet full of expired bottles of “vitamins” that they purchased at one time, or another, for one reason, or another (that they can’t remember).

NOTE:  It is impossible to take the benefit statements out of advertising.  If the advertisers stopped including the benefit statement, it would be called begging and that doesn’t always have the same effect as the benefit statement.

Let’s take another look at this process.

The logic is just fine – supplements can be good for you.

But, when people put it into action, then the process is missing the most important piece – a plan.  That missing piece allows the whole thing to spin off in all sorts of unexpected directions.


Let’s examine the logic.

1st, supplements are good for people because they fill the nutritional gaps in the daily diets that would otherwise contribute to a decline in their health.   Consequently, choosing, and using, a supplement, or group of supplements, to fill the holes in a balanced daily diet, created by people’s preferences and situations, will contribute to a healthy, alert and energized condition.

2nd, declining health can be stopped or reversed by choosing, and using, supplements to restore the nutritional levels created by the prior gaps in the diet.

Let’s make a plan.  It has 3 steps.

1st, many people have a general idea about the balanced diet.  But, the devil is in the details.  So, before starting the plan, let’s see what really makes up the balanced diet.   There are several ways to explain the balanced diet, but for this discussion, NUPRO three step action plan is the place to start.

Did you read it?  Were you surprised?  Most people are; which is one explanation for the number of people who are experiencing the symptoms of declining health.

2nd, compare what you are consuming, every day, to the Harvard recommendations to see the differences.

Everyone has preferences and situations that interfere with consuming a balanced diet every day.  You will need to decide which of them can be changed, permanently, then, make the changes.  The rest need to be covered with supplements.

3rd, the difference between what you have been eating and what you should have been consuming has, likely, created the symptoms of declining health that you may be experiencing.

Those need to be addressed.  As you can imagine, many of these symptoms are shared with many other people.  Once you’ve addressed the fundamental nutritional needs, and given them a chance to affect your body, choose, and use, supplements that strengthen the particular function or structure of the body that is giving you the most grief.

If your situation is uncommon, you may consider seeking help.

Of course, urgency and intensity are matters to consider.  This discussion on issues of health and healing are intended for educational purposes only and in no way should be taken as medical advice. Readers are encouraged to make health care decisions based upon personal research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.


The commonly accepted formula for good health and long life is:  good diet, moderate exercise and sleep.  Modern living makes it hard to enjoy that bounty.

Too many people find the bounty of Radiant Health slipping away and begin searching for a magic bullet to restore what they once had.   And, there is no shortage of benefit statements from every health related field.    Yet, the carnage continues.  Perhaps it’s time to get back to the fundamentals – good diet, moderate exercise and sleep.

The next time you hear or see an ad for double-strength magnesium, ask yourself: “So what?”   You’ll know your body needs a bunch of different minerals, not stronger magnesium.  It’s just another benefit statement!

NUPRO can help with a plan, with fundamental nutritional supplements that fill the gaps in your diet, support with nutrition for your specific needs and, if you choose, professionals to help answer your questions.  Moderate exercise and sleep are on you.

It’s Your Life – It’s Your Choice

Visit the NUPRO website – it may be what you need to become the master your own health.