Who is Responsible
For Keeping You Healthy?

Sounds like an easy question, doesn’t it?  Hold on!

Before you answer, take a moment to describe your “happily ever after”.

That’s exactly why you are commuting, working and doing what you do – to build your happily ever after.  That’s your plan!  Get the kids raised, squirrel away enough money and, when the time comes, enjoy the fruits of your labor – when the time comes – happily ever after.

Part 2:  Believing that there’s someone or something that can fix what you’ve broken simply isn’t true.  Between escalating costs, shrinking options and likely rationing – your choices have consequences!

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For too many people, when the time comes their dream has changed!

It includes:

  • Regular visits to the Doctor’s office.
  • Remembering to take a hand full of prescriptions –  everyday.
  • Scheduling around appointments for medical tests.
  • Talking with friends and family about their latest diagnosis and/or treatment.
  • Wondering – “What next?” 

How Do You Reach Your Happily Ever After
. . . With Your Health?

The first hurdle is:

. . . to examine the strongly held “rules”
from which people make their decisions regarding their diet and health.

The four most commonly held paradigms are:

  1. Supermarkets sell food.
  2. Physicians can fix any and all health complaints.
  3. Pharmaceutical Companies have miracle cures or are very near a breakthrough on others.
  4. There is a mystical potion, lotion or twig that can save them – once rules 2 and 3 fail.

The 2nd hurdle is:

. . . to overcome the false confidence,
on matters of their health, into which people have been lulled.

 I can tell you that all of these commonly held beliefs are wrong.

  • Supermarkets sell products – bags, cans and packages of goods for a market segment  (produce and fresh meats excluded)
  • Physicians vaccinate, prescribe meds for bacterial infections, react to  emergencies and injuries and manage symptoms.
  • There are no miracles – prescriptive or natural

The 3rd hurdle is:

. . . convince people that they must take a proactive role, using good judgement with their diet and lifestyle – if they intend to live their lives in the fullness of health.

  • Most people can make the time to examine these false paradigms and recognize them for what they are.
  • But, then, finding the courage to discard them and implement self-care is another matter.

Self-care is taking responsibility for your own well-being.

. . . the concept congers up all sorts of fear and the perceived risks associated with managing their most valuable asset – their health.

People are apprehensive because they fear going it alone.  They are, for the most part, unfamiliar with the myriad of resources to assist them.  The most basic of resources are:

  • Health Insurance Company – Coverage and co-pay
  • Medical Doctors – Infection, managed care and surgery
  • Hospital – Medical treatments & surgeries
  • Physical Therapists – Rehabilitation after injury or surgery
  • Pharmacist – Medications:  Over the Counter and prescriptions
  • Health Coach – Insights and guidance for holistic health and natural alternatives
  • Nutritionist – Diet and preparation of food
  • Chiropractor – Skeletal system
  • Massage Therapist – Muscle and connective tissue
  • Strenuous exercise – Gyms
  • Non-Strenuous exercise – walking, Yoga, etc.
  • Universities – Current research from their various departments
  • Clinics – wellness and specific insights
  • Hospitals – wellness and specific insights
  • Health Consultants – Wellness and perspective
  • The Government – FDA, USDA, NIH, CDC, etc.
  • The World Wide Web – you name it!  Just watch the source

Does this list look familiar?

It should because you visit them now.

It is a simple matter or viewing them as a service provider and an intellectual resource.
Ask them questions!  Select and use them like you would any other professional
. . . because you have the most to gain, or lose, when you manage your most valuable asset – your health.

How hard is that?

Speaking of resources, we have put together an on-line resource.  Its purpose is to offer a perspective and strategy for managing your health and, it’s Free.   click here »

IntroductionPredicting DiseaseA New PerspectiveConclusion


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