3 Reasons For Not Using Natural Dietary Supplements.

The 3 reasons for not using supplements are:

1. Dietary supplements are always a substitute for prescriptive medicine.
2. A friend or family member told you to take a natural supplement.
3. You read a post or article using anecdotal evidence or a pseudo-scientific report.

On the other hand,

some of the things you’ve heard or read about dietary supplements are true – if your lifestyle choices are creating an imbalance that prevents your body from functioning properly!

  • How Life Get in the Way of Living HealthfullyWhen your choices create an imbalance, you will experience the symptom(s) of a dysfunction.
  • If the self-induced imbalance persists – you will develop an acute condition.
  • Long-standing imbalances create a cascading effect that produce factors of many chronic and multi symptomatic health issues.

When your lifestyle choices are contributing to the imbalance – natural supplements can help fill the gaps to restore balance.

Feel Good, Look Great, Process Mentally and React Appropriately

It all starts with the “building blocks”.  It’s supplying the nutrients that energize, protect, repair and rebuild your body. That’s called a balanced diet consisting of copious amounts of water and vegetables, a few fruits and some meat.  read more

And, providing the building blocks – by consuming a balanced diet and using the appropriate dietary supplements – is what makes your body work!  read more

NUPRO Understands Your Dilemma.

That’s why NUPRO lifestyle dietary supplements are synergistic formulations to support the needs of a balanced, in sync body – starting with the basics.

And, that’s why NUPRO dietary supplements complement one another – so, if need be, you can address more than 1 health issue at the same time with NUPRO lifestyle dietary supplements for specific needs.

Since you’re trying to protect or improve your most valuable asset – your health – we don’t cut corners with fillers other unnecessary ingredients.  Plus, our stringent adherence to professional-grade quality means you’re getting what you’re paying for!

NUPRO has helped 1,000’s of people protect or improve their health with artfully formulated nutraceutical supplements that are “… combinations of natural ingredients: vitamins, minerals and herbs, that scientific research and historical uses have shown to be beneficial for human health.” for more than 20 years.  We can help you, too.

NUPRO founder and President, Frank Lucas, PhD, NHC is available to speak with you about your needs, if you’re confused or have questions.

Dr. Lucas is a formulator and holistic health practitioner with more than 20 years of service – helping people analyze their lifestyle and helping them choose and use supplements to help protect or improve their health.  more