What is a Nutraceutical Supplement?

Nutraceutical is more than just a name.  Nutraceutical supplements are advanced, 21st century dietary supplements – featuring scientifically proven or historically used combinations of natural ingredients that benefit human health.

PUZZLEOne of the most frequently asked questions I’m asked is:  “What is a Nutraceutical supplement?”

Webster defines a supplement as:  something that compensates for a deficiency or constitutes an addition.   Prescriptions (including drug-store  medicine) and natural herbal supplements are both supplements according to Webster’s definition.

It is easy to understand why people become confused with the difference between prescriptions and professional grade nutraceutical supplements.

While it may sound like splitting hairs when making the distinction between prescriptions and natural supplements, they are worlds apart.

Pharmaceuticals are: a reactive approach for overcoming injury & infection.
Nutraceuticals are: a proactive approach for promoting and maintaining health.

About natural supplements

Almost from the beginning of time, local herbs were collected and used by people, for various reasons. While most people, over the eons, understood the local plants, ultimately the collection of knowledge for the use of local herbs to promote and maintain health was centralized with one person and passed on from generation to generation.

This knowledge became the cornerstone of what is the typical old-fashioned dietary supplement that you can buy anywhere.

They are bottles of pills that contain a dried or prepared natural herb, mineral or other substances that have a history of use for a particular purpose.

While most of the old fashioned dietary supplements are natural, there are risks:

  • Taking too much,
  • Taking too little,
  • Mixing the wrong types,
  • Mixing the wrong amounts,

when you are using several different kinds of the old fashioned supplements at the same time.

About nutraceutical supplements

Nutraceutical supplements are the 21st Century tools to help you stay or become healthy.

Nutraceutical supplements are combinations of natural ingredients
that scientific evidence or documented historical use
have shown to be beneficial to human health.

Nutraceutical supplements take the guess work out of using supplements.  Well-crafted nutraceutical supplements combine synergistic natural ingredients, in just the right amount, to deliver the fast results you want with the safety you expect.

This synergistic affect, one natural ingredient helping another,
produces an economy of scale that helps the nutraceutical supplement
produce a outcome that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Nutraceutical supplements are convenient and more economical too!

One or two well-crafted nutraceutical supplements
can take the place of a shelf full of old-fashioned dietary supplements.

Nutraceutical supplements are formulated to work together and tested for activity.

You need not worry about mixing too much, too little or the wrong things
from countless bottles of the old-fashioned supplements
that it would take to duplicate one bottle of a well crafted nutraceutical supplement.


Affordable  •  Effective  •  Worry-free

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